SHSU Days 12, 13, 14

Another day, another panel goes on the wall.

We made it to the 90s

Today we got additional scaffolding so we can now reach every inch of the 40ft wall.
AND the guys from Big City Access came during lunch break! Perfect timing.

Dancing around the crates

1-2-3, 1-2-3

I think it's a waltz.

Emily happily nipping tile.

The view from the third floor.

Mike measuring to cut... Emily is holding his legs off screen.

Clipping in on the top level of scaffolding.


We got a visit from Dr. Mitchell Muehsam and Denise Nue!  Denise is the director of facilities and construction and Mitch is the dean of the college of business administration at SHSU.  They were both very excited about the mosaic.