SHSU 15, 16, 17

We had a big few days on the installation.  Most notably we installed the last panel (#144) and had a crew filming it!  Victoria Lightman of Looking At Art and Cressandra Thibodeaux of 14 Pews are working on a TV pilot for a show about Texas collectors and artists.  They came to the job site to do an interview and catch the final panel installation.  Good timing!

Good morning Mr. Frog.

Getting ready to install the remaining panels.

We have guests today!

All that remains to install.

The lovely Victoria Lightman. Nice hat!!

The lovely Cressandra Thibodeaux.

Prepping the wall for the final piece.

Emily speed skating to get the panel.

Bringing over the panel.

In she goes!

The whole team.

All 144 pieces on the wall!

And now cleaning to grout.

Lots of grouting.

Love this shot! Amazing light on the third floor.

The mural blends perfectly with the trees outside.

Kate's amazing detached leg trick.

And now buffing.

Looking good!