Media coverage of public projects.

"Books of a Feather" Dedication

The monumental outdoor sculpture was commissioned for the Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library and consists of three large scale birds made of steel and concrete ranging in size from 12 to 15 feet, each of which is covered with hand-placed, multi-colored glass and ceramic mosaic tiles that shimmer and sparkly when caught by the light, as well as hand-mad tiles stamped with book titles that include words associated with birds and flight.

Arts InSight

Arts InSight visits mosaic artist Dixie Friend Gay, whose murals enliven airports and terminals across the country from the PortMiami to Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Initial broadcast date: July 25, 2013 (Episode #133)

Time Lapsed Video of "North Texas Sunrise" by Dixie Friend Gay being installed sped up. The installation took a little over 10 weeks but we have sped it up for you! Enjoy

Getting to Know Dixie Friend Gay - Glasstire

Dixie Friend Gay discusses public art and her latest installation of three giant mosaic birds titled "Books of a Feather" at the Alice M. Young Neighborhood Library in Houston, Texas.


"San Antonio River" Mosiac Mural at Weston Centre

The piece, titled “The San Antonio River,” depicts a colorful, lush vegetation and wildlife scene inspired by the area’s ecosystem. The mural is made from hand-glazed tiles and will take 18 days total to install. 

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