Lake Nessy Honored by Public Art Network's Year in Review!

This sculpture serves as a playful welcoming terminus to Mueller’s Lake Park in Austin, Texas.  The 16-foot-high, 30-foot-long serpent-like sculpture was inspired by mythological water creatures, using handmade tiles to give the feeling of barnacles and other sea life, adding textual distinction from the smooth, glossy, glass “scales.”

Specific consideration for young visitors led to a design using materials that withstand play while providing safety.

Blue LED lights glow out from Nessy's eyes

Iridescent glass tiles intersect with hand made ceramic ones

Austin Dragon days 9-13!


The head has all it's scales and the neck starts getting it's starfish!

DAY 10 & 11

Emily and "Nessy" want to see who is taller

head grouted.

DAY 12 and she is almost done!
Dixie and Saskia's efforts on the head look amazing!
Emily and Dixie after a long, long day

 The beast lies in wait for one more night...

Last Day!

All the parts are ready to be installed in Mueller Park
a scaly green underbelly
beautiful bands run along the body of the creature
the monster is "stamped" amongst sea life
"NESSY" and DIXIE!!!