North Texas Sunrise DAY 1-3

We are at it again, up to our elbows in our newest mosaic installation with the team from Mosaika of Montreal at Dallas Love Field Airport.  So excited to see the giant blank wall and start to fill it with Texas-sized wildflowers and a grand Texas sky.  The mosaic will cover a floating wall just before security in the main lobby of the airport.  The piece spans 64 feet and rises 18 feet and is made of hand-glazed and hand-formed ceramic tiles.  The hand-formed pieces were created in my studio and include frogs, lizards and various textures.  There are also three dimensional low relief mosaic inserts that create   a gentle undulation on the wall adding to the trippy, disorienting perspective of the giant flowers.

We'll be posting updates every few days here and be sure to check out Mosaika's blog as well.  I am thrilled to be working with everyone on our team, especially Kay and Drema from City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Hensel Phelps Construction, Kavplan, the team from Love Field Modernization Program and of course Mosaika Art and Design

a fresh wall, prepped and ready

our audience

the treasure map

Drema and Kay, our amazing advocates from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs

First piece going in

backbuttering the 3D elements and hand-made tiles

the first 3D low relief mosaic insert

Kate as Vana, end of Day 1

Lucky us, every Thursday the artists, designers, architects, contractors and Southwest gang have the last meeting of the day at Strokers.  

Kate wants a ride.

Can't imagine an installation without these two, Emily and Mike are the best.
 DAY 2

What a good looking team!

End of Day 2
 DAY 3
the first cleaned section

a 3D insert 

Some adoring fans and a great shot of the 3D undulations

End of Day 3