Inspired Cake

I just received an email from TH Rodgers school, where I participated in career week back in October.  They made a cake inspired by my work.  Yum!!

UPDATE: I got another wonderful email from a TH Rodger student who is kind enough to allow me to post it below.  Thank you Ciera!!

Dear Ms. Gay,
        Today in art class we made cakes based on certain artists work. My group chose your peice The Bethnic Zone. The cake took alot of hard work but in the end it turned out fenominal and I would love for you to see it. I havent taken a pictire of it yet for you to see but I will try to take one A.S.A.P. The cake doesnt look exactly like the peice because we didnt have all of the resources to make it exact but I think our hard work paid off. Please write back.
Thank You,
Ciera Montoya
T H Rogers 6th Grade Student