Yesterday, we filled the cars with gas and purchased groceries. There were no lines and everything went smoothly.
This afternoon, Ron, Hagen, Garland and I cleared the yard of anything that could be picked up and tossed through our rolling glass doors. All our flashlights have new batteries, we have piles of plastic tarps, rope, ducktape.
If the track of the storm remains as it is tonight, we will remove most of my studio to the main house tomorrow. Our fears are that with the high winds I may lose my roof, since it is only tin and insulation on the studio.
Our plan is tomorrow to move two of the cars to a concrete parking garage on a higher level. Hopefully we will be able to find a place to park them. Everyone may have the same idea.
A month or so ago, Ron purchased a generator, we have gas to keep it running. With Rita, we were without power for almost a week. At least this way we can keep our food cold.
The kids do not have school tomorrow. Ron's work is canceled. I feel too antsy to work.
Tonight at supper, we played a selection of storm songs, about high winds and flooding. Garland failed to find the humor in it, but she still recovering from her accident with the tree limb.
We are watching the approach of the storm on the net. Our TV is limited to what we can get with the rabbit ears, so it is only local coverage.
I am charging my camera batteries so tomorrow morning, I will go out, take some photos to post.