New Indianapolis Airport Mosaic Installation overview

I was not able to be in Indianapolis on Monday, June 9 when the installation started because my daughter was in the hospital.  Butch arrived on Sunday night and Abraham and Casimero from Kolorines arrived early Monday morning. 

Monday, June 9, the 1st day
Julia Moore,Public Art Administrator, Blackburn Architects, met the guys and showed them around.  The team took the safety class, did the drug test, and received security badges.  Butch rented the truck and picked up supplies.  Julia was there making everything go as smoothly as possible.  We are so lucky to have her on the project acting as a liaison between the airport and the artists.   

Tuesday, June 10, the second day. 
The guys protected the surrounding surfaces with plastic and paper.  The mural arrived, some of the boxes were wet and had been stacked on end so there  were some damaged areas.  The guys laid the complete mural  upside down in an adjacent room so we could see the image.   

Wednesday, June 11, the 3rd day.  First section was installed on the wall.  
I arrived late Wednesday night.

Thursday, June 12, the 4th day

Friday, June 13, the 5th day.  I do not know how I missed getting photos of the mural at the end of the 5th day.  I was spending a lot of my day on my hands and knees replacing missing sections of mural   It was fortunate that there was a room to leave the mural laid out so I could work on it.   

Saturday, June 14th, the 6th day

Sunday, June 15, the 7th day

Monday, June 16, the 8th day

Tuesday, June 17, the 9th day
The airport gives tours of the construction site.  One group was from the press and photos of the installation were in the local  Indianapolis paper.  The mosaic images are #15, 16 and 17.

What a great construction site to do an installation.  The building is beautifully designed by HOK and AeroDesign Group.  Blackburn Architects supervised some of the design of public spaces.   Hunt/Smoot Construction managers create a safe, clean and enjoyable working environment. 

Wednesday, June 18,  the 10th day. 
The other hard hat trades working on the new airport stopped by with encouragement and comments.  The hobby gardeners among them could name all the native plants.  Some mentioned that it looked like early fall.  Santarossa’s men who were installing a terrazzo floor helped us with disposal of waste water.  Everyone was a pleasure to work with.  

8a-the last stack - 6-19
Thursday, June 19, the 11th day
The stack of the last section to go on the wall

The last section is installed, and total  mural was acid washed

The installation team: Casimero, Abraham, DFG, Butch

Friday, June 20, the 12th day
Space clean, equipment returned, bags packed.  TV crew from Channel 8 (?) came by for an interview. 

Installation is completed.  Ready to turn in our security pass badges.  

The artisans at Kolorines, the fabrication studio, in Curenavaca Mexico did beautiful work.
I am pleased with Autumn Prairie Morning.  I am honored that my work is part of the really cool airport.  

Butch and I flew home on Saturday, June 21

Click here for details of the mural under public commisions on my web site.