Labyrinths found around the world speak to a fundamental human relationship to using circles and spirals for meditation.  With our information overload and emotional extremes, an opportunity to meditate and rest is essential to good health.  My labyrinth proposal, celebrates the basic elements of life, providing visitors to the Women’s Garden at the New Wishard hospital an opportunity to meditate, relax, and unwind.   

Smaller labyrinths would represent each of the classical elements: air, water, fire, earth and ether.  The combination of organic and geometric design within the labyrinths will interplay with the design of the garden architecture and landscaping.  The labyrinths would be made of solid glass slabs. Each piece will consist of 14 layers of glass fused together to create depth and texture.  The top of the glass will be gently grooved with a labyrinth pattern for a finger to follow. As participants’ fingers follow the labyrinth, they will experience the winding pattern, the smooth texture of the glass and the beauty frozen in its depths.  

Each labyrinth would have a white translucent sheet of glass fused as the bottom layer to diffuse the light throughout the labyrinth.  LED lighting will enhance the depth and layered texture of the glass.