Wild Wonderland is an outdoor mosaic mural located at the southeast corner of Midtown Park in Houston, TX, at Main and Anita. The project celebrates Houston’s rich environment as a part of the new 6-acre community park in Midtown, Houston.

The 12' x 63' mural is crafted in Smalti glass tiles. Images included in the mural are that of Houston’s native flora and fauna, which grows within 12” of the ground's surface. Viewers will also find plants specific to the Texas gulf coast area in May, butterflies and caterpillars near their host plants, a bumblebee, and a hognose snake near a native Houston toad. This mural creates a sense of wonder, fun and adventure by catching the eye from a distance, while providing areas of interest up close.

DFG_WIldWonderland3 copy.jpg
DFG_WildWonderland2 copy.jpg