Everyone knows that Grandma’s purse if full of treasures. This really cool and prepared for anything Grandma left her purse on the bench. The frogs, lizards, and other creatures have taken over. Tumbling from her purse are cell phone, paintbrush, envelope and keys. Spilled onto the plaza embedded into the terrazzo are some of the other objects: loose pennies, scissors, crayons, MP3 player, camera, action figures, dolls and toy cars. Of course she is prepared for any emergency with a wine bottle opener and a glass hammer. Also there are the good things to eat: jelly donut, gum, candy, cookies, and a frozen pop cycle. The purse and objects are in cast bronze and cast glass.

If you view the plaza from the upper floors surrounding the plaza the over all design is of a giant friendly petri dish, with the eyes and lips of happy microorganisms sending out jets of water.

There are 20 cast glass object, 20 bronze objects, and 100 water-jet cut tiles. The brilliant colors of the rustic terrazzo are achieved with the use of exotic mineral aggregates such as turquoise and Lapis Lazuli in addition to the more traditional aggregates of marble and granite. Located in the Woodlands Plaza, Texas.

Treasures From Grandma's Purse, 2008
Cast bronze and kiln glass, 20 cast glass object, 20 bronze glass objects, and 100 water-jet cut tiles
35' x 20' x 3'
Waterway Square, The Woodlands, TX