A mosaic mural depicting a vast Dallas sunrise above oversized Texas wildflowers greet the visitors in the Main Lobby.  Growing up on the plains, the native prairie flora is part of my DNA.  My own photos of spring wild flowers in North Texas were used as templates for this mosaic mural.  The mosaic includes 18-foot-high Mexican hats, Indian paint brushes, Indian blankets, Wine cups and Bluebonnets, among other native flowers.  The scale of the flowers transcends the viewer, opening space to marvel at the natural drama of north Texas.  The distortion in the flowers suggests wind moving through the scene.

The main lobby wall is ideal for a mosaic mural because it can be viewed both from a distance and up close; employing the natural magnetism of mosaics.  From a distance the mural appears as a near-photographic representation, and as one moves closer, the surface of a half million hand-cut, hand-placed jeweled tiles becomes apparent.  For the Main Lobby Wall of the modernized Love Field Airport a cinematic mosaic moment that celebrates the expanse of the dramatic Dallas Sky and the life that grows below.

North Texas Sunrise, 2013
Ceramic, hand-formed and hand glazed ceramic & smalti glass mosaic mural
18' x 64' x 0"
Dallas Love Airport, Dallas, TX