The Greenspoint Recreation Center contains two parks in one; the largest skatepark in North America and Dylan Park.  

The skate park’s main gate features an armadillo; fabricated from cor-ten and stainless steel.  The two materials contrast each other, defining individual elements of the gate.  The cor-ten will reach a natural rust color while the stainless steel maintains a cooler tone and smoother surface.

Dylan Park is adjacent to the skate park and is dedicated to children with special needs.  This park features three pieces; the entrance’s Butterfly Gate, a smalti mosaic sign portraying the Park’s namesake and a triptych mosaic mural set in an arbor wall.  The mural was designed to be experienced by children of all abilities, with a focus on texture for the visually impaired.  The style of the mosaic is more childlike with bright colors to engage and encourage play and curiosity.

Greenspoint Recreational Center, 2014
Cor-ten and stainless steel, stone, smalti, hand-formed ceramic, glass
Greenspoint Recreational Center, Houston, TX