Positioned along the highway frontage road would have been 27 larger-than-life size buffalos (up to 8 feet high) in different postures.  Each buffalo is unique, free-standing supported with an internal steel armature and sculptured in layers of ferrous cement.  The bodies are swathed in iridescent jeweled mosaics.  At night these heavenly creatures glow with a rosy radiance of reflected light.

The Enchanted Herd is about movement, secrets revealed, ideas coalescing and dissipating, sustainability and the natural environment.  With a tour de force of craftsmanship, the icons of 27 buffalos create a rhythm of shapes, forms, and colors.  The iridescent herd opens dialogs with the layers of meanings they evoke. Playful with an edge, naive with sophistication, and a vision with larger than life experiences. The art opens perceptual portals into other worlds, the future and the past.  The Enchanted Herd is a visionary encounter with our past, jewel-encrusted iridescent ghosts of those ancient travelers.  This Herd will continue to charm generations to come.