An oasis in the city. 

"Walking into Dixie Friend Gay's studio is complete immersion into her magical world. The paintings on the inside, so lush and exotic, reflect her just as luscious garden-on-the-bayou that lies just outside the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Dixie works in many mediums, so a studio visit offers a cross-section of paintings, prints, sculpture, and drawings. The compound includes a "dirty" studio where you will find the latest creatures, from animals to birds to microbes, cast in ceramic clay, fired or waiting their turn in the kilns. These creatures and botanical flourishes are hand sculpted pieces that accentuate and personalize the public work projects. The studios offer a glimpse into the process of making public art, drawings and installation photos tell the stories of the monumental works."  

                                                                                                                 - Victoria Lightman, Looking At Art