Installed for the Sheltering Arms Senior Services Meditation Room. I worked with an architect to create a quiet “sacred” space with integrated artwork. Integrated artwork consists of kiln-cast glass and bronze sculpture mounted in niches and etched glass. The ambiguity of the space is deliberate and left for individual contemplation. A strong erect wall protectively leans and embraces the participants, then gracefully dissolves into diffused daylight. A circular opening in the ceiling exposes an elevated
space filled with the purity of light.
There are seven niches in progression. Seven, a spiritual number is perfection and completeness. The niches shelter bronze branches protecting an evolution of glass nests which in turn capture and reflect light. Light and shadow coalesce to punctuate symbolism. Integral to all of the elements of the space, light transforms the unfolding physicality of the wall, makes the glass nests tangible, and allows the seventh nest to float in pure light. Continuity of hope, security, and faith are perpetuated.

Sheltering Arms, 2001
Cast glass and cast bronze
12.5" x 12.5" x 11"
Sheltering Arms Senior Services Meditation Room, Houston, TX